Guv reviews Tree Spray Oil availability

JAMMU: The government on Saturday said that there is no scarcity of Tree Spray Oil in the valley.
As per the report submitted to Governor by the Commissioner Agriculture Production Department there is no scarcity of Tree Spray Oil in the Valley.
It has been reported that against the demand for 60 lakh litres projected for the winter season, 57.71 lakh litre has been made available for distribution. In addition, 6 lakh litre oil available in stocks and godowns and another 6.76 lakh litre is in transit. It may be recalled that during his visit to Srinagar on 6th March the Governor had directed that the Agriculture Department to ensure that the farmers and fruit growers across the State get hassle-free services and a very close check should be kept on the rates, quality and availability of the inputs required by the agriculture and horticulture sectors.
The Governor has asked the Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir, to ensure that it is sold at the authorized rate by the dealers.