A tale of two books

A tale of two books
By Sajad Ahmad Mir
Allah created the universe in its ultimate design, perfect fashion and superb order. When any part of the universe is observed and analysed – whether at the micro or macro level – an astonishing fact reveals itself,  that the mastery and marvelous design of the universe is replete with complete harmony and baffling balance, devoid of any incoherence or inconsistency. Allah does not assert anything on the basis of false speculation and fabulous myths, rather He invites the attention of all intelligent minds to find out or locate any inaccuracy whatsoever in His creation. As the Almighty challenges in His book: “You will not find any alteration in the creation of the Most Gracious”.
The more we delve into the studies of objects in the cosmos, the more it becomes clear that it is neither the handiwork of blind forces, nor the miracle of the goddess of coincidence, nor the magic of nature, nor the chance of blind energy. The minutest accuracies in the creation of the cosmos and astonishing perfection found in universal constants not only deal a strong blow to aforesaid notions, but also assert the divine scheme of the Almighty. A friend of mine related an incident: he had to go to Gujarat for business purposes, where a digital tile making factory came to a halt because of some fault. The factory had an exclusive feature, in that right from the raw material stage to the making of a digital tile no human hand was involved in the process. The management of the factory called the concerned engineer, who was from Turkey. The engineer keenly observed the factory, without first touching any part of it, and then all he did was that he dealt a single hit with a hammer at a specific point, and the entire factory started working again.
The management of the factory was bewildered as the bill presented by the Turkish service-providing agency was Rs 10 lakh! The management wrote back to the service providers that the cost of the repairs was not only excessive but unjustified, as all that the repairs meant was a single hit from a hammer. The Turkish service providers forwarded a detailed invoice, wherein they mentioned an amazing thing: “The total cost of a single hit from a hammer is Rs 1 while the rest of the amount i.e Rs. 999,999 has been charged for locating the specific point of the factory where the hit was to be delivered. Thus, the single blow proved to be instrumental in setting the factory working again.
This unique incident, at a micro level, reveals the adeptness, brilliance, artistry and precision-oriented faculty of the engineer who did not waste time in beating around the bushes, but set the machine set in order with a single blow. This incident, compared to the vast universe, is not even a small speck. So what could be the gravity of a perfect calculation and highly precision-oriented “mega master shoot” required for the creation of a proportionate and bafflingly harmonious universe! This astonishing fact has been revealed by the theoretical physicist Roger Penrose in his book, “The road to reality”. Penrose maintains that the creator required locating a tiny point out of points of an entire phase-space volume in a huge nebula so as to strike and start the universe in a way that resembles what we know of it today. He further adds that if the creator were to miss this spot by just the tiniest margin, an uninhabitable universe would be the result.
Thus, two micro and macro instances reveal the same tale that every page of the “book of nature” speaks of: “Is there any doubt in the existence of Allah – the creator of the heavens and the earth?” Be it Stephen Hawking or Allan Watt, it is easy to ascribe artistry and “grand design” of the book of nature (cosmos) either to physical laws or random consciousness.
Many may console themselves by resolving the all-time puzzle of human life through hypothetical presumptions and utopian assumptions, but the entire scheme of conscious human existence viz-a-vis a huge universe ‘declines’ that argument. Apart from reason and knowledge, our experience bears no witness that any object or thing fashioned by ma, be it a house, a factory, garments or even a spoon or a needle, could have developed through mere chance. Our intellect, however limited, will not allow us to buy this argument at this micro level, so how easily can we buy it at a cosmic level, that too by comparing it with some sort of “games”, as has been suggested by Hawking.
It is a stark reality that the overwhelming majority of humanity, especially the elites and thinkers, beautifully ascertained from the pages of the book of nature that God exists, but the question that haunted them is “What does God want from me? How to get to know His will? What kind of life does He wish from me? How is He pleased or displeased?”
When the frontiers of the “book of nature” – after asserting the existence of the creator, do not answer those queries – the frontiers of the “book of guidance” open up through the unblemished, lofty and upright characters of the Messengers of Allah.
It is the institution of Messengership that unmasks the enigmas of life. ‘Nubuwah’, or Messengership, is the only source of knowing the Divine will and knowledge. Thus the “book of guidance” revealed upon the last Messengers in the shape of Al-Kitab or Al-Quran comes forth to set out the standards of truth and falsehood, vice and virtue, right and wrong and God’s pleasure and displeasure. Quran is the last and final book of guidance to humanity which has been successfully bringing men of different stature under its fold. All humanity is meant to be enlightened by the glory of the “book of guidance”.