Handicap Int’l organises ‘Pledge for Parity’

SRINAGAR: To observe the International Women’s Day, Handicap International in collaboration with Hope Disability Centre and Help Foundation organised a programme ‘Pledge for Parity’ at Wayil, Ganderbal.
The event focused on the inclusion of women with disabilities in society, to eliminate the social discrimination with them, to create awareness about their rights and entitlements, and to facilitate the bridge between them and the society.
On the occasion, the project beneficiaries, Ruksana, Rifat, and Parveena shared their experiences about the challenges they have faced being women that too with disabilities and how they turned these challenges into positive opportunities.
They said nowadays women have been contributing in all fields and are holding top positions in government as well as non-government organisations.
Others also shared their personal experiences of how they have been discriminated several times for “just being women”.