This Pampore school has one teacher to teach all five classes

Pampore: For 36 students studying in five classes, the Government Primary School at Hatiwara, Pampore, has just one teacher.
The teacher, Fayaz Ahmad, said he has been running the school alone since 2012 after his only colleague went on a study leave. He said he has to manage 29 classes a day and also handle the administrative affairs of the school.
“I informed the Zonal Education Office Pampore several times, but my requests were not acted upon,” he said.
According to Ahmad, parents in the locality have been reluctant to send their wards to the school for education.
“When I ask them to send their wards to our school, they question the infrastructure we have. Besides, it has been difficult to admit students in the school due to lack of staff,” he said, adding most families were unwillingly sending their children to a school in Lethpora, which is about two kilometers away from the village.
“Nobody wants to send their children to Lethpora because of the rush of traffic on the highway, but many parents are now taking the risk. Some of them have even managed transport facility for their children.”
The residents said they also approached the Zonal Education Office several times, but to no avail.
“Despite his efforts, the students do not proper education. How can he do justice when he has to teach 29 classes a day?” Mushtaq Ahmad, a resident, said.
Director School Education, Dr Shah Faesal, told Kashmir Reader he wasn’t aware of the problem.
“The primary school would get four more teachers soon,” he said, adding that he would enquire as to why the school did not get the requisite number of teachers.

2 Responses to "This Pampore school has one teacher to teach all five classes"

  1. Mudasir Bhat   March 10, 2016 at 12:23 am

    And this is the piece of news that DSEK would love to overlook in his ego tussle with Forum leaders. Many more orders are awaiting issuance, but no look at basic difficulties and challenges teachers face at ground zero. DSEK is more vocal than working leader. Arnob shouts so much, DSEK writes too much but fails to do good to the shambled department used by politicians and bureaucrats as their fiefdom.
    Whether, there is only 1 student or a hundred, in every case the subjects to be taught are 5 (Primary deptt) or 6 (middle deptt- with History, civics and geography as one Subject-S. Science). So there should hv been 5 to 8 teachers (primary and middle respectively). Then only standard could be raised of Govt Schools. This is the cause of degradation in govt schools. To save their skin, politico-bureaucratic mafia targets teachers for their own policy failures.

    So think Mr. DSEK. Writing is good. Bringing govt schools at par with adequate staffing, standard and quality books with standard and quality content, level-wise curriculum and infrastructure i the practical thing to do it. Do it now and see me as the first teacher to admit my son in the govt school. Make Parents responsible and accountable as the third pole of education. 2 poles are doing their utmost. Third pole is always after MDM and Scholarships. The third pole visits school not to enquire about Academic progress of the students but only and only to enquire about Scholarship disbursement. This third pole doesnt provide requisite stationary to its ward. The students write work of 2 to 3 subjects on a single notebook that too of Rs. 20, if parent is generous enough.

    We as teachers cannot afford stationary of our students as we too have a dependable family to mete out their expenditures.

  2. aadil   March 9, 2016 at 11:57 am

    nice story…