Tawseef returns home after 4 years of imprisonment

SOPORE: After four years of imprisonment in the Tihar Jail, Tawseef Ahmad Peer, a resident of Badambagh, Sopore, has been reunited with his family.
Eldest among three sons of Syed Peer, a private school teacher, Tawseef had many dreams. He wanted to support his younger siblings by helping his father, who, in the last four years, struggled hard for his son’s release.
Tawseef was arrested on February 27, 2012, from HazariBagh, Jharkhand. According to newspaper reports, Delhi Police had claimed that Tawseef, his cousin Ehtesham, and a boy identified as Shafaqat, also from Sopore, were arrested because they were planning an attack in India.
Tawseef, who was released on March 3, contest the claims made by the police.
Speaking with Kashmir Reader, he said police’s claims were “fabricated lies”.
“At first, I didn’t even know why I was arrested.”
“I was an 11th class student in Boys Higher Secondary School Sopore and was also running a STD with my relative to financially support my poor family. I was picked up by Sopore police on January 6, 2012, from my home on charges that I have provided a Sim card to someone from our shop at Sopore. The sim card, they said, had been misused. I was in Jail for nearly one week before my family got me released,” he recollected.
“After I was released, my family sent me to Jharkhand, where my uncle Farooq Ahmad Malik resided. I joined the American Institute of English language in Jharkhand to learn English. On February 27, 2012, some men in civil clothes came to my institute and picked me up and also beat up the head of that institute when he tried to stop them.
“I was kept in HazariBagh police station for a couple of days. On the third day, men from Delhi’s Special Police Cell reached there and told me that I have to go with them to Delhi for some questioning after which I was to be released. I agreed and went to Delhi with them.
“On reaching Delhi I was taken to Lodhi cell police station, where my cousin Ahtesham and his friend Shafaqat were already imprisoned. On March 18, I was sentenced for four years by Patiala Court, while my cousin Ahtesham and his friend were sent to remand. Later, both of them were sentenced to seven years in jail.
“The only hope I was living with was that someday I will see my parents again. This hope gave me the strength to spend my precious four years of my life in the Tihar Jail. Tihar Jail has 10 jails. After every three months, I was transferred from one jail to another because of some security reasons. In this process, I met every Kashmiri in the jails. Some of them have been there for almost 20 years, without anyone, including their families, knowing about them.
“Meeting them always made me yearn for the day when I would be released. I feared that I might become another Kashmiri to languish in the jail forever with no one to fight for my release.”
Tawseef Ahmad peer, who reached home on Thursday, sits close to his parents out of the fear that he may be separated from them once again.
“The thought that police might come to arrest me again scares me day and night,” he said.
Tawseef has no idea about how he is going to restart his life, while Ahtesham and Shafaqat still have to wait three years for their release.