Increased computers usage hits typewriter repairman

By Sumiya Shah
SRINAGAR: Computers that have almost ceased the use of typewriters in our the offices and homes, has also hit the business of those once associated with their repairing.
With almost fifty years of experience of repairing these machines, Mohammad Yousuf Ahanger (70) heads a family of typewriter repairing professionals at Habba Kadal.
Once a thriving business for this family, Ahangar now has to do this job alone as he gets very few machines for repairs.
At the peak of our business we would receive hundreds of such machines during a month’s time but now repairs are limited to a few units.
“The production of these machines has almost ceased and even to find repair parts is difficult,” he said.
Adding that at times they have to be ordered from Delhi and for the customers who want their machines to run again.
Ahangar said that clientage has squeezed drastically, with now only police being the lone government functionary to get their machines repaired as they still do use this machine, besides our clientage is also from courts here.
Sitting at his spacious shop, many refurbished typewriters ready for the customers.
For him the machine still holds utility as it is cost effective in many ways.
Ahanger, feels that typewriters had a better ability to gauge the knowledge of a person, but on computers a person with weak spelling or poor grammar can easily survive, besides a perfect typing skill is achieved only on this machine.
For him many people still do learn typing, but owing one is never a priority for learner.
“The government still employs persons having typing skills and that also comes handy for operating computers, Ahangar says.
He said that government move to hold type test on computers instead of typewriters too has also been detrimental to this fading business.

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