‘Poisonous water’ supplied to Qazigund village in grip of Hepatitis-E infection

ANANTNAG: Water samples taken from a village in Qazigund, where many people have tested positive for Hepatitis-E infection, have been found highly contaminated during laboratory tests.
At least eight residents of Cheki Wangund village in Qazigund have tested positive for infection so far and the results of the blood tests of 30 others are awaited.
A team of doctors deputed by the health authorities to the village had collected two water samples for laboratory analysis.
An official of the health department posted in the area said that the water being supplied to the villagers has been found highly contaminated during laboratory analysis.
As per the standards, a sample of 100ml of water is considered to be ‘excellent’ if its coliform count is zero, ‘satisfactory’ if it is 1-3, ‘suspicious’ if the count is 4-10 and ‘unsatisfactory’ for a count of more than 10.
However, much to the visiting doctors’ shock, the coliform count in the two water samples taken from the village has been found to be 161 and 92. The results were confirmed by Qazigund block medical officer Dr MY Zagoo.
“Consuming water with such a high level of contamination is like consuming poison,” a doctor posted in the area told Kashmir Reader.
However, Zagoo has asked people “not to panic” and follow the suggestions of the doctors.
“We have deputed a team of doctors in the village who are monitoring the situation. People must consume boiled water and follow dos and don’ts,” the BMO said.
The villagers had blocked the highway on Friday while protesting against public health engineering officials for supplying contaminated water. They had alleged that the water was being supplied to them without filtration or chlorination.