Zainakadal residents demand early completion of Mazar-e-Salatin wall

Srinagar: The locals of Zainakadal have urged the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) to immediately complete the construction of the ancient wall near Mazar-e-Salatin which got damaged by the September 2014 floods.
They said the collapse of the wall has exposed a vast stretch of the nearby graveyards that also houses the tomb of mother of the 15th-century ruler, Sultan Zain-ul- Abideen, popularly known as Budshah (the great King).
Niyaz Ahamd, one of the locals at Saraf Kadal, said 2014 floods caused heavy damage to the graveyard located near the river bank.
“The soil is already loose in the main graveyard and due to incessant rains many of the graves have become exposed,” he said.
Another local, Ishtiyaq Ahmad, said the construction in the graveyard is going on at snail’s pace. “The work should be completed as soon as possible to prevent it from collapsing. Floods have already damaged its major portion,” he said.
An ASI official, wishing anonymity, said due to conventional method of reconstruction, “the completion would obviously take time”.
“We are not using cement and concrete but are reconstructing the wall as per the composite stone masonry pattern, with a base 4.5 meter wide on a 50-feet stretch that will extend upto 10 meter height,” he said, adding, “We are also retrieving the damaged wall from the river bank.”
“But let’s hope the work completes soon,” the official added.