CAPD recovers Rs 84,400 as fine from erring traders

SRINAGAR:  The Enforcement squad of Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution department headed by Assistant Director Enforcement conducted  market check of various areas of Srinagar city on Saturday.
During market checking 1460 business establishments were inspected and a penal sum of Rs. 87,400 was collected as fine from 125 erring shopkeepers for violation of the provisions of Essential Commodities Act, 1955.
Meanwhile, a team of the legal Metrology Department Kathua headed by Assistant Controller Legal Metrology Kathua Ajay Verma along with Inspector Legal Metrology Kathua  and Dayala Chack   conducted intensive checking of various Business establishments   and booked  13 traders for various violations.
The department has  imposed   fine of  Rs 10200 on the erring traders during the current month.