Facebook blocks Bengali musician and MP for song mentioning Afzal Guru

Facebook blocks Bengali musician and MP for song mentioning Afzal Guru

Srinagar: Facebook has blocked legendary Bengali musician and former Member of Parliament Kabir Suman’s page for mentioning Afzal Guru’s name in a song extolling Kashmiri freedom struggle.
In his song (below), Suman has mentioned Afzal Guru, a Kashmiri businessman whose controversial hanging in 2013 has earned India and its judiciary opprobrium. Not only was not Afzal’s family informed about his hanging, his body was also buried in Tihar Jail and not handed over to his kin.
Recently, Facebook blocked the page of noted Kashmiri cartoonist Mir Suhail for drawing a cartoon that showed roots growing out of Afzal’s grave in Tihar Jail and touching the roots of a giant tree named ‘Kashmir’.
Immediately after posting his song, originally written in Bengali as a tribute to Kashmiri-American poet Aga Shahid Ali, Suman’s Facebook was blocked.
In an email sent to his friends, Suman wrote: “For the poet Agha Shahid Ali and for Kashmir, I wrote a song in Bengali on reading a poem by the Kashmiri poet Agha Shahid Ali and posted it here. There are definitely some in Kashmir who might wish to read what a Bengali songwriter has written. Though my English is miserable I have tried to adapt it into English. The need of the moment has prompted me to take a chance. I hope people would excuse my slipshod adaptation.”

For the poet Agha Shahid Ali and for Kashmir
“We shall meet again in Srinagar,”
I want to answer Irfan.
But such a promise?
Agha Shahid Ali

No matter where you are
We’ll meet in Srinagar
History, tell me now
When will you give us freedom.

The night’s poem drifts
In Jhelum all alone
The poet of the darkness knows
We’ll meet in Srinagar.

Shots fired from INSAS
Bullet wounds in the sky
The stars are bullet holes
As numerous as our lamps.

When did the last flame die
And in whose home was it
Listen to this Afzal Guru
We’ll meet in Srinagar.

History has its gallows
Its bullets and its boots
Yet it’s history again that breathes
When a single robin chirps.

Freedom in Kashmir
The robin chirps alone
I swear by this song, my Love
We’ll meet in Kashmir.

One Response to "Facebook blocks Bengali musician and MP for song mentioning Afzal Guru"

  1. Manisha Dasgupta   February 19, 2016 at 1:05 am

    This lyric was not removed by facebook. It was and has been there, now that his profile is back. Facebook removed a song which he made on the ongoing JNU movement where he mentioned Afzal Guru as well. The song is currently available on soundcloud, titled “Song for the Rebels”. The link is: https://goo.gl/8DkXr2