KCSDS warns govt against ‘sectarian profiling’

Srinagar: Kashmir Centre for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS) Wednesday warned the state government against profiling people on sectarian basis and termed it a “sinister design” to divide a people known for secular credentials.
“The choice of a maslak (sect) among Muslims is a matter of preference of following a particular legal school of Shariah rather than a different belief system and all our legal schools are equally respectable to all of us,” said Prof Hameedah Nayeem, chairperson KCSDS, adding that “a citizen is within his rights not to divulge information about the sect he follows”.
Addressing a press conference in Srinagar, she said that ‘agencies’ were looking for an opportunity to divide people on sectarian lines but such intentions have been dealt with by Islamic councils from time to time.
The KCSDS spokesperson warned the government to desist from ‘such colonial projects of profiling Muslims on sectarian basis’ or face an agitation for interfering in religious matters.
Hameeda urged the religious leaders not to fall in such traps fraught with disastrous consequences. “Personal preferences must be kept personal,” she said. She appealed to all Muslims to ‘keep these elements at bay’.