Traffic police to issue special stickers for tourist vehicles

SRINAGAR: The traffic police on Tuesday authorised officers of the rank of Inspector and above to inspect the vehicles carrying tourists and pilgrims from outside the state.
To avoid inconvenience to these visitors the vehicles (private LMVs as well as commercial passenger vehicles) coming from outside the state carrying tourists/pilgrims and entering into the State by road via Lakhanpur shall be stopped for checking of documents only by an officer of the rank of Inspector (DTI) and above.
“The officer after checking the relevant documents shall issue a sticker for the permitted vehicles having validity for fifteen days or for single entry/exit, whichever is earlier from the date of checking of documents of the vehicle,” an official handout said.
These vehicles having the sticker thereafter shall not be checked at any subsequent traffic check post by any officer except of the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police and above during the validity period of the sticker, added the order.
However, the vehicles can be stopped for suspicious commission of any of the visible traffic violations pertaining to drunken driving, over speeding, rash driving, use of mobile phone while driving, it said