Shutdown hampers court operations

SRINAGAR: Work in the High Court and lower courts was affected on Monday as lawyers abstained from work against the killings of two civilians in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district.
General Secretary of the Bar, Bashir Sidiq, said the killings should be an eye opener for those who propagate that India is a democratic country where freedom of speech, expression, and freedom of forming any association was allowed.
“India stands fully exposed in using all methods and measures of suppression and oppression on the people of Kashmir, who are only demanding right of self-determination in accordance with the resolutions passed by the UN Security Council,” he said.
The lawyers’ body also urged the United Nations’ and other international human rights groups as well as “conscious” people of India to put pressure on the Indian government and its leaders for an end to the killing of Kashmiris and “witch-hunt of Kashmiri students”.