No quarter has yet suggested concrete, practicable alternative to hartals: Geelani

No quarter has yet suggested concrete, practicable alternative to hartals: Geelani

SRINAGAR: Asserting that one-day strike after each killing doesn’t meet the ‘demands of the situation’, chairman Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani said on Monday that no “concrete or practicable idea has been suggested by any quarter” as an alternative to hartals.
“Many voices were heard with regard to finding an alternative to the strike calls but so far no concrete idea has come to fore from any quarter. The discussion in newspapers and social media networking sites vis-à-vis freedom movement is a healthy sign as it indicates our younger generation is showing a keen interest in their national issues,” Geelani said in a statement.
“How is it possible for anybody to perform his best and according to expectations in a place where the worst kind of martial law is in force and the political struggle is practically banned?” he said.
The Hurriyat (G) chairman said a responsible leadership has to take every aspect and outcome in mind while taking any decision.
“We consider this struggle as worship like Nimaz (prayers) and fasting and the decisions are taken after thorough discussion and deliberation. However, whenever any solid and practicable alternative will come to fore from any quarter regarding the course of action we will welcome that.”
Geelani said that after bloodshed, the government imposes curfew and deploys thousands of heavily armed “undisciplined and inhuman” forces on roads to block the people’s protest.
“And then there is no other option left for us (other than the strike). We are facing the worst kind of imperialist power which doesn’t care about human and moral values,” he added.
“Though this country claims to be the world’s largest democracy, its policies regarding the Kashmir issue doesn’t match to its democratic claims. Its government acts here with such a blind and wild force as if human lives are worms and insects,” he said.
“I personally am deeply pained over the innocent killings in Pulwama. I wonder for how long our nation bears such worst kind of atrocities from India. But given the situation, we have to be firm and strong over our stand which is also the only option for us. Our resolve is to never give up our rights and till India is occupying our land we will continue our struggle in any way,” Geelani said.
The veteran pro-freedom leader also criticised the world community for maintaining “criminal silence and biased approach” over the killings in Kashmir.
“World powers have double standards and are ignoring Kashmir issue because of the ‘Muslim factor.’”

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  1. Faisal   February 16, 2016 at 1:03 am

    When did the world power not have double standards?


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