Imam murder case: Teenaged son arrested

Srinagar: The teenaged son of a 45-year-old cleric who was found dead in Anantnag district on February 9 has been taken into custody for allegedly committing the murder, police said on Sunday.
Marital discord between the parents is suspected to be the reason behind the deed, they said. Police have apprehended his son, a class VII student for the murder, a police spokesman said.
“During the course of investigation, it surfaced that the cleric along with his son left for the fields on February 9 at about 10:00 AM. Both worked in the field for about two-and half-hours and had lunch together. The son finished his meal first, took an axe which was already there and hacked to death his father,” the spokesman said.
The cleric died on the spot, he added.
The teenager then dragged the body and covered it with soil. He took the axe with him and hid it in the cowshed adjacent to his house, police said. The weapon of offence has been recovered in presence of witnesses, the spokesman added.