Kejriwal dismisses Amarinder’s charge of Khalistani nexus

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday pooh poohed senior Congress leader Amarinder Singh’s allegation that his party AAP had nexus with Khalistanis and claimed that his outfit will win the Assembly elections in Punjab due next year.
However, he ruled out entering Uttar Pradesh politics in a big way saying his party did not have the “bandwidth or the capacity” for a large state like UP. He also admitted that they made a mistake during the last Lok Sabha elections by spreading thin throughout the country.
“It is Amarinder who is doing this. He is doing photo shopping–of juxtaposing our photos with Bindrawale–and putting them on posters,” he told senior editors at a lunch interaction here.
Dismissing the former chief minister’s claim that it is a dangerous AAP that is emerging with the “Khalistanis” joining his party, Kejriwal, however, conceded that Congress will be the main challenger to his party.
“The fight will be against Congress. The condition of Akali Dal is very bad,” he said.
“We are winning. People use to vote Congress and BJP alternatively there because of anger and disenchantment against one or the other. People are disenchanted with both the major parties–Akali Dal and Congress. This time people are going to vote AAP with great expectations,” Kejriwal said.
Amarinder had also suggested in an interview that with “Khalistanis” joining the AAP, it was going to be a “destabilising force” in Punjab while in Delhi it was a citizens’ AAP.
Asked who will be the party’s face in the Assembly elections in Punjab due next year, the chief minister said, “wait for the appropriate time.”
Replying to questions about entering Uttar Pradesh politics and the Lok Sabha elections, the chief minister they would plan step by step.
“We made a mistake in the Lok Sabha elections by spreading thin throughout the country,” he said adding they were not looking at the Lok Sabha elections of 2019.