There won’t be a closure till his remains are returned: Tabassum

There won’t be a closure till his remains are returned: Tabassum

Sopore: Afzal Guru’s wife Tabassum Guru said on Tuesday, which was observed as the third anniversary of his hanging, that India should return his mortal remains to the family.
Tabassum told Kashmir Reader, “I came to know about his hanging through other people. I should have been the first person to know about it.
And then, despite claiming to be the largest democracy in the world, India didn’t hand over his body to us. We have been demanding that his remains should be returned so that we could bury him in Kashmir. We had written a letter last year to the state government and appealed it to help us bring Afzal sahib’s remains back. There was no response,” Afzal’s wife said.
Tabassum also lamented that the resistance leadership has not pursued the demand vigorously.
“In 2012 azadi leaders claimed that Afzal does not belong to Guru family only but he is the son of the soil. They said we will get his mortal remains back. Have they forgotten their words? Media has also let us down by not building pressure on the state government. It is an emotional issue for all of us. There will be no closure till he is buried in his homeland.”


Afzal, the avid reader

Afzal, the avid reader

Kashmir Reader correspondent Asim Shah leafed through a few of Afzal Guru’s books and found the following quotations/verses scribbled on their pages.

Let the noble thought come from everywhere.

The hottest places in the hell are reserved for those who in the time of deep moral crises maintain their neutrality.

Mohammad Afzal Guru (20-01-1997 09:10pm at home.)
(Afghanistan: Inside a Rebel Stronghold by Mike Martin)

Falcon spends his time in rocks and mountains. It is disgraceful for him to make house for comfort and shelter.

Afghan is epitome of these words Said by Iqbal R.A.

It is better to die for freedom then to live under the shadow of weak submission, for life is weaker then death and death is weaker than truth.

By Kahlil Jibran (Freedom at Midnight by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre)

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