Bar supports shutdown call, says Bhat, Guru were hanged to terrify Kashmiris

Bar supports shutdown call,  says Bhat, Guru were hanged to terrify Kashmiris

SRINAGAR: Bar Association Kashmir on Saturday said Maqbool Bhat and Afzal Guru were sent to gallows to terrify Kashmiris, while the association supported the shutdown call given by the pro-freedom leadership on their anniversaries.
“Shaheed Maqbool Bhat and Shaheed Afzal Guroo were sent to gallows only to subjugate and suppress the voice of Kashmiris and to convey to them that they also can be falsely implicated and hanged by using the intelligence agencies and courts for asking for freedom from the Indian occupation,” Bar members said in a meeting of the association’s executive committee.
The Bar said the Indian judiciary, by hanging Bhat and Guru, exposed itself, as Supreme Court of India recently commuted the death sentence of 30 prisoners on account of delay.
“But Afzal Guru, who was sentenced to death in 2002 and was on the death row at serial number 23, was picked out of turn and sent to gallows after a period of more than 11 years, and that too without allowing his wife, son, and other family members to see him for the last time,” Bar said.
Paying tributes to Bhat and Guru, Bar said: “Both were shining stars of Kashmir’s resistance movement and by laying down their lives, for a pious cause, they didn’t only achieve martyrdom but gave a new impetus and life to the ongoing freedom struggle of Kashmir.”

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