Kashmir Solidarity Day: Good but not enough, Azadi camp tells Pakistan

SRINAGAR: Pro-freedom leadership on Friday thanked the entire Pakistani leadership for observing the February 5 as ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ while urging the Government of Pakistan to “do more than it” vis-à-vis highlighting the Kashmir issue.
Hurriyat Conference (G), while thanking Pakistan and its people, said Kashmir issue is an “unfinished agenda of making of Pakistan”. “Till this issue is not solved according to the wishes and aspirations of its people, a stable and prosperous Pakistan is a distinct dream,” Hurriyat (G) spokesman, Ayaz Akbar, said in a statement issued here.
He said celebrating solidarity day for Kashmir can’t fulfill the responsibility of helping Kashmiris on political, diplomatic, and moral levels. “Pakistan has to maintain consistency and firmness in its Kashmir policy so as to highlight the sufferings of the oppressed Kashmiris worldwide.”
“The way Pakistan Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif reiterated his stand, while addressing the Azad Kashmir Assembly, has definitely encouraged the Kashmiri nation and has added a new life to their freedom struggle but the need of the hour is the effective implementation of these promises which are often repeated and made on the solidarity day,” he said.
Hurriyat (G) spokesman said Kashmiris are in no way to oppose better Indo-Pak relations and their trade ties but “the priority should be given to basic and birth rights of Kashmiris”.
“What is the fun of talking about the trade of onion and potatoes where the human lives have no respect? Pakistan should remember that after Almighty Allah, Kashmiris are looking towards it as they have high hopes that Pakistan will never forget them and will continue its support till Kashmiris achieve the goal of freedom,” the spokesman said.
Chairman National Front, Nayeem Khan said this day should not only be used to garner support within Pakistani society but “there is need to create a global consciousness about the happenings in Kashmir”.
“We highly value Pakistan’s support and solidarity with Kashmiris but it is important that Pakistan’s new generation be familiarised with Kashmir dispute,” Khan said in a statement issued here.
“We hope Pakistan becomes a solid rock of moral support to Kashmiris in their struggle for freedom from Indian illegal and forcible occupation. It should highlight the gross human rights violations continuing here,” Khan said.
JKLF (R) patron Barrister Abdul Majid Trumboo, in a statement issued here, said: “We are all praise for this. We thank Pakistan from the core of our heart and hope it will continue its political, moral and diplomatic support to Kashmiris.”
He also reacted to Pakistan Parliament panel’s recommendations of not supporting the Kashmir’s armed struggle saying, “Freedom groups in Jammu and Kashmir are pursuing the just cause and they have nothing to do with terrorism.”
“It is a grave situation that they opted for the armed struggle. India’s stubborn and tough stand is the sole reason for this,” Trumboo said.
A spokesperson of Muslim Deeni Mahaz (MDM) while thanking Pakistan for observing the day said, “Pakistani mujahedeen have played an imperative role in fighting for Kashmiri brethren. We also thank the people of Pakistan, Kashmir, journalists, columnists, and youth who expressed solidarity with Dr Qasim on the completion of his 23 years of incarceration.”