Hafiz Saeed praises Pathankot air base attack, warns of escalation

Hafiz Saeed praises Pathankot air base attack, warns of escalation

Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) group chief, Hafiz Saeed, has praised the last month’s Pathankot air base attack and has warned of further escalation following the air base assault in Pathankot that left seven soldiers dead.
Lauding Sayed Salahuddin, who heads the United Jihad Council (UJC) and has claimed responsibility for the attack, Syed said, “You have only seen one attack on Pathankot. Matters could easily escalate.”
Addressing a rally in Azad Kashmir, Saeed said, “800,000 Indian troops are committing genocide on Kashmiris. Don’t they have a right to carry out Pathankot style attacks for their defence?”
While mentioning the Kashmir issue, Saeed said, “Give Kashmir its rights and god willing then every issue will be resolved. Our only aim is freedom for Kashmir.”

He also advised Prime Minister Narendra Modi to realise what the Kashmiris want. He said, “Modi should also realise what Kashmiris want. Why is he suppressing them by the force of his Army? It is quite natural that when something is suppressed, then repercussions are felt from various directions. They manifest sometimes from here (Pakistan) and sometimes from there (India).”

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