City vendors oppose relocation order, demand rehabilitation

City vendors oppose relocation order, demand rehabilitation

Srinagar: The vendors in the city centre Lal Chowk on Monday opposed the relocation order issued by the authorities and said they will not follow the order until rehabilitation.
Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) had warned action against shopkeepers and vendors who encroach upon roads or footpaths in Srinagar city.
“All the shop keepers, traders, street vendors of Srinagar shall stop encroaching upon the pathways, walkways, foot paths which has gravely hindered the pedestrian movement and is becoming a major cause of traffic jams and road accidents in the city,” Chief Enforcement Officer SMC said in a statement.
The vendors said they are not going to move anywhere from their occupied places, until the government provide them with suitable place and compensation.
A vendor Bashir Ahmad Mir from Lal Chowk said how government can deny us to earn from only sources of income.
“From last 30-years, this place is only source of income for my family. They (authorities) cannot stop me to earn livelihood. They without knowing the ground reality, issue these futile orders,” he said.
A fisher woman on the Amira Kadal said: “For me this is the only place for my business. We have not occupied or encroached the paths, but it was Sheikh Abdullah who provided us these places to earn livelihood.”
However, the SMC commissioner Showkat Zargar said all the encroachments will be removed within days and denied that any rehabilitation policy was under consideration.
“We have directed to remove the encroachments in all forms of goods, articles displayed illegally on road sides, footpaths within two days from the issuance of the notice. There is not any rehabilitation or compensation policy under consideration of the government,” he said.

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  1. Shafat   February 3, 2016 at 2:25 am

    Mr. Bashir Ahmad Mir , let me ask you one thing, is your income halal? By encroaching public property and running business on it how can you claim that you are earning by halal means?? If I come and setup a stall in your home/lawn and then will not move out of there after sometime, will you allow me to stay there? And also when u ask me to leave then I demand that you pay me? Come on, you have commited a sin and crime. You should be put behind the bars.


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