Will form govt if New Delhi implements coalition agenda in time-bound manner: PDP

Will form govt if New Delhi implements coalition agenda in time-bound manner: PDP

Srinagar: In perhaps the clearest stand on the government formation so far, PDP said on Sunday that it was not averse to a second inning with the BJP provided the BJP-led government of India assures it that certain measures envisioned by the deceased party patron are implemented in a time-bound manner.
Party president Mehbooba Mufti also, for the first time, effectively blamed the BJP for the current stalemate over the government formation following the death of late chief minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed. She was addressing a meeting of the party leaders, legislators and office bearers.
This is the second big meeting of the party leadership after Mufti’s death in the past 14 days.  A meeting of the PDP elite ‘Core Group’ was held on January 17, where Mehbooba was given a carte blanche on decisions related to the government formation.

  • What Mehbooba said

  • PDP can’t form a government just for the sake of power but, if it does, it will be, as envisioned by Mufti Sahab with the objective of addressing the core political and economic issues confronting J&K as was done by the PDP-led government between 2002 and 2005.

  • Mufti Sahab worked tirelessly and tried his best to carry everybody along and bring some relief to the people on the governance front and unfortunately, this taxing overdoing ultimately took a heavy toll on his health. He (Mufti Sahab) tried his best to do something for the people and we will have to reassess whether we can make some real difference on the ground by carrying forward his mission, which needs a congenial political atmosphere.

  • The PDP will have to reassess whether the Central government is ready to trust the people of Jammu and Kashmir and carry out implementation of Agenda for Alliance with sincerity of purpose. The very preamble of the AfA is an effort to seek national reconciliation on J&K and facilitate formation of a coalition government in the state that will be empowered to catalyse reconciliation and confidence building process and create conditions to facilitate resolution of all issues of J&K.

  • It has been further made clear in the Agenda for Alliance that the present position will be maintained on all the constitutional provisions pertaining to J&K including the special status in the Constitution of India.It has been further made clear that the coalition government will strengthen a re conciliatory environment and build stakes for all in the peace and development within the sub-continent including normalization of relations with Pakistan.

  • While real progress was made during the past 10 months towards the implementation of good-governance practices listed in the Agenda for Alliance, there was little movement forward on implementation of political and economic initiatives. Instead there were some recurrent unsettling developments which led to lack of congenial atmosphere and had a negative impact even on the good work done on the governance front.

Neither state nor ‘national’ BJP leadership have responded with any urgency to the PDP’s grievances or the demand for reassurances so far.

In today’s meeting, however, the PDP’s expression of the ‘sense of betrayal’ was shriller than the previous one.
Mehbooba said her father aligned with the BJP, hoping the government of India will address the ‘core political and economic issues’.
“But instead of partnering with and implementing Mufti’s vision certain quarters, both within J&K and in New Delhi, started overtly and covertly triggering frequent controversies over avoidable contentious issues resulting in wastage of the state government’s energies in firefighting and propitiation,” a PDP statement said.
“In such violative circumstances around, we will have to reassess whether we can absorb the shocks which Mufti Sahab had to do so frequently in his effort to forge reconciliation between the regions and the people of the state,” she said.


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