‘10-massacre general’, ex-Guv KV Krishna Rao dies

‘10-massacre general’, ex-Guv KV Krishna Rao dies

SRINAGAR: Jagmohan, who oversaw some of the worst massacres of Kashmiris during his brief spell in power at the beginning of the anti-India revolt in 1990, is probably the most-reviled governor ever deputed by New Delhi. The rule of another former governor, General KV Krishna Rao, who died today, was no less bloody.
A former army chief of India, Rao passed away at 93 on Saturday due to cardiac.
General Kotikalapudi Venkata Krishna Rao served J&K twice—from 11 July 1989 to 19 January 1990 and 13 March 1993 to 2 May 1998.

According to Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society, Rao’s second tenure witnessed 10 massacres:
10 April 1993: BSF kill 10 civilians and injured one
10 April 1993: BSF kill 6 civilians, injure 3
26 June 1993: ITBP kill four inmates in Jammu jail, injure 13
26 June 1993: Army kill 7 civilians, injure 13 in Muminabad
30 July 1993: Army kills 9 civilians, injures 3 others in Hangul-Buch Pulwama
14 August 1993: BSF kills 30 and injures 57 civilians
27 November 1993: Army kills 15 civilians during search operation, 7 injured
27 January 1994: Army kills 18 civilians, injures 39
19 March 1994: Army kills 6 civilians, injured 3 in Mahind

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  1. arrkay   January 31, 2016 at 6:31 pm

    Can you please advise the reasons why was this important for him to give the order which resulted in such tragedy


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