Dalits demonstrate against Modi-led govt in Jammu

Jammu: Dalits demonstrated against the Narendra Modi-led government of India, accusing it of pursuing anti-Dalit policies.
Organised by Bahujan Samaj Party, the protest rally started from Panama Chowk and ended at Jewel Chowk after passing through various parts of the city.
Enraged by India’s minister for state for defence VK Singh’s dog remark—while attempting to delink his government from the burning of two Dalit children, the minister had said ‘the government is blamed even if a stone is thrown at a dog—the Dalit protesters shouted derogatory slogans against Modi
They also warned against doing away with reservations, saying it will “divide the country”.
The protesters said that Modi has “disintegrated the country by carrying out people- and community-specific policies”.
“The party which claims to be nationalistic is comparing a section of the society with animals, which is not only unfortunate for the people of this country but also shows the rabid mentality of the government,” said Ram, a protester.
He said Modi has influenced courts also as policies for the underprivileged classes cannot be discontinued abruptly.
“The BJP is trying to disintegrate the country. First they created fear psychosis among the minorities, now they are trying to take reserved categories back to the British rule when dalits and other backward section of the society were forced to live in abject penury,” said another protester, Krishan Kumar.
Before the rally, the Dalits paid tributes to Baba Saheb Ambedkar at Panama Chowk. Later, senior BSP leaders addressed them at Jewel Chowk.
“The country is run by a group of radicals who are hell bent on making it a country of a specific community. The central government is discouraging development of minorities and reserved category communities,” said Chand, a BSP leader.