Waheed Parra nourished by army: JKLF

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front said on Sunday that Waheed-ur-Rahman Parra, Youth PDP president and political analyst to chief minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, has been “nourished and patronized” by former Indian army generals like VK Singh and Ata Hasnain and he should be “aware of his stature before speaking against JKLF chief Yasin Malik”.
“People know how a Congressman’s son was adopted by Indian home ministry and how he was nourished and patronized by ex-army generals like V K Singh and Ata Hasnain,” senior JKLF leader Showkat Bakshi said in a statement.
Bakshi was reacting to Parra’s remarks about Malik made during a news programme aired by Zee news channel on October 21. Parra had said that Malik “is a frustrated person and he doesn’t represent J&K or anything of Kashmir”.
Malik had abused paramilitary troopers who had thrashed him and peaceful protesters during a rally he was leading in Botengoo village of Anantnag distrct against the murder of a Kashmiri trucker, Zahid Ahmad, in Udhampur on October 9.
“When people of Jammu, responding to the movement started by JKLF and Yasin Malik could challenge India and face its oppression, what is the standing of small agents like Parra?” Bakshi said.
He added that instead of condemning the brutal killing of Zahid, oppression unleashed on peaceful protesters and abusive language used by Indian forces, Parra, acting “like an agent used filthy language against JKLF”.
“This shows the character of Parra and his party in which he has risen to high ranks at the behest of Indian home ministry. Parra should bear in mind that people of Kashmir know his credentials very well. People of Kashmir also know how he was sent for higher education outside India and then installed in PDP where he has risen to higher ranks with the support of Indian agencies,” Bakshi said.
“People also know how in 2010 when whole Kashmir was burning this man was assigned the job of glamorizing Indian democracy and spewing venom against Kashmiris in Indian schools and colleges by the Indian Home ministry. Kashmiris also know how this agent visited Pakistan and inflicted harm to the resistance camp,” Bakshi added.
The JKLF leader also accused Parra of being instrumental in pressuring Islamic University of Science and Technology to coerce students into participating in workshops organised by the army at Badamibagh Cantonment.
“Parra and his patrons must bear in mind that JKLF and Yasin Malik represent the sentiments and sacrifices of the people of Jammu Kashmir. We are not like Parra who have sold their conscience to RSS for power. They must know that JKLF is the party of Shaheed Muhammad Maqbool Butt and we are the heirs of martyrs,” Bakshi said.