The BJP is showing its colours

By Ashraf Amin Malik
The Valley of Kashmir continues to soak in blood. The soul harrowing cries of mothers and sisters and the heartrending sighs of fathers keep on resounding the air. The season of autumn continues to bring the message of death while the mountains resonate with the sounds of horror.
The murder of the teenager Zahid Rasool reflects the obnoxious face of the communal forces of India. They are trying to turn Kashmir into their playfield. The cow which is a scared animal Hindus is suddenly becoming more important for these communal forces than the lives of ordinary people. The BJP goons and other Hindu fanatics are ready to slay anyone even on rumours of beef eating. No sane man hurts religious sentiments of anyone deliberately, but the Hinduvta forces are using this pretext to launch violent attacks on the Muslim minority in India. They want to terrorise Indian Muslims.
Episodes of Dadri and Himachal lynching, attack on Kashmiri truckers, and the RSS armed rally on the roads of Jammu makes it amply clear that the BJP is all set to create Hindu Rashtra on the corpses of minorities, especially Muslims. The dreadful designs of the RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal find their vent through the BJP government. While even a layman could sense cunning desires of such a government, the “farsighted” veteran pro-India politician Mufti Mohammad Sayeed doesn’t feel a pinch about it. He is still drumming the dreams of `Vikaas` (development) in partnership with the BJP. He is the person who first brought the Congress party in the Valley and now the BJP. Mufti along with his party continue to keep their eyes and ears shut from the attacks that Hindutva forces are leashing on Kashmiris.
After joining hands with the BJP, Mufti promised his voters that funds will flow and all the victims of September 2014 floods will be rehabilitated. So far nothing has happened. Instead the PDP has been turned into a beggar party. The BJP is enjoying to see the PDP kneeling and bowing in front of it.
Within a span of less than a year, the BJP government attacked Article 370 and Article 35-A, besides trying to dismantle the communal harmony of the state by advocating the separate township for Kashmiri Pandits, settling Indian troops in Kashmir, and now raising the issue of beef ban. Are these not sufficient evidences about the deceitful designs of the Modi led government with respect to Kashmir?
—The author is a research scholar at Kashmir University. Feedback: