For third consecutive day, RSS takes out arms parades in Jammu

For third consecutive day, RSS takes out arms parades in Jammu
  • Assembly speaker, many BJP legislators participate; activists perform ‘Shastra Puja’; police say no reports of arms worship

Jammu: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh activists carried guns and swords during rallies and also performed ‘shashtra puja (worship of arms)’ in Jammu on Sunday while celebrating the Sangh’s 90th foundation day.
A regional RSS leader, Purshotam Dachichi, and speaker Jammu and Kashmir assembly Kavinder Gupta were the chief guests.
The rallies started from Delhi Public School (DPS) and Trikuta Nagar and, after passing through various areas of the city, ended at Samadhian Road, where activists performed Shahstra Puja. The activists also shouted pro-India and pro-Hindu slogans. It is for the third consecutive day that the Sangh carried out such marches.
An eyewitness said that the activists were carrying arms, which they were hiding under saffron robes cloaks but brandished them whenever they walked past non-Hindus.
“This has happened for the first time in Jammu and Kashmir that such a rally has been permitted. It would have been okay if they had restricted it to ‘Shastra Puja’ but they are marching on streets with arms which is not a healthy sign,” he said.
An RSS activist, wishing anonymity, said some members were carrying swords in “their individual capacity” and the “organisation had not asked anyone to carry weapons”.
While addressing the gathering, Kavinder Gupta said that such rallies would integrate India and make it a superpower. He said that every person must follow the ideology of RSS to make India shine.
Jammu senior superintendent of police Uttam Chand said that this was a “routine rally” and no one has reported to the police that the RSS activists were carrying weapons.
Meanwhile, BJP MLA from Nowshehra constituency Ravinder Raina also participated in an RSS procession in Sunderbani area.
The BJP MLAs Rajesh Gupta, (Jammu East), senior party leader and husband of MoS Priya Sethi, Yudvir Sethi and Ajay Pargal were also part of the procession.
Sources said the RSS cadres brandished swords and guns at some places. Most of them claimed to have valid weapon licenses.
Mufti will be remembered as one who pushed JK into 1947-like Jammu disaster: Geelani
History will never forgive Mufti Sayeed and he will always be remembered as such a person who, for power, pushed the people of the state into a situation that reminds them of the slaughter of Muslims in 1947. He has handed over the entire control of Jammu and Kashmir to the communal and fascist forces. He is working as an employee of Sangh Parivar merely for his chair. The situation is alarming and Jammu region is preparing to repeat 1947 (when thousands of Muslims were slaughtered). The administration is not only watching this but actually providing help to fanatical forces of the region. We assure Muslims and other minorities in Jammu that we will stand by them in every situation and not leave them at the mercy of communal and fascist forces. Our concerns about Jammu are not hypothetical but Sangh Parivar’s aggressiveness against Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Dalits in India have worried the entire world. Jammu & Kashmir is the primary target of communal forces. Kashmiri people have never accepted the forced military occupation of India, so these forces have always been planning to change the demographic character of this Muslim-majority region. To attain this objective the communal fanatics massacred thousands of Muslims in Jammu region in 1947 and they can go to any extent even today. It is regretful that Mufti Sayeed and a few other leaders of his party are facilitating the communal people and they have mortgaged the (Kashmiri) national interest, pride and every other thing with these people. It is a pity that many people who know everything are still working with Mufti. They are clearly witnessing the role of Mufti Sayeed how he has been harming the Muslim identity of the state.
—Statement of Syed Ali Geelani
Arrogant display of blatant intoxication of power: NC
RSS’ jingoistic, new-found aggressive activities have the potential to destroy the traditional amity and harmony among the people in mixed-population areas. Today’s march on Jammu streets, which was an aggressive and arrogant display of blatant intoxication of power in the crudest manner, never ever seen during annual marches in the past, unfolds nefarious RSS game plan which BJP cannot justify as a routine annual Dussehra activity. This is a considered bid to create communal polarization. We urge the peace loving people of Jammu to counter the communal politics of RSS and BJP, as they have always done by keeping the reactionary elements at bay. Continued marches speak of a well thought out strategy and design to vitiate the atmosphere and create a wedge in the society on the basis of caste, creed and religion. Three successful shut-downs against irrational policies of the coalition government during the past three months have actually unnerved the BJP-RSS combine. In a fit of desperation, the BJP has now resorted to unusual activities like public display of lathis and arms by RSS volunteers consecutively for the third day today. We wonder over the covert support being provided by the PDP in accomplishment of such frightening acts.
—Statement of Davinder Rana