RSS to organise ‘arms worship’ rallies in Jammu Sunday

Jammu: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the ideological fountainhead of rightwing Hindu organizations, including the ruling BJP, will be worshipping arms and taking out processions in Jammu to celebrate its foundation day on Sunday.
RSS regional Pracharak Ramesh Pappa told Kashmir reader that a huge number of RSS workers will start their marches from Delhi Public Schol and Trikuta Nagar and after marching through various parts of the city assemble at Samadhian Road.
“At Delhi Public School, RSS workers have been instructed to gather at 10 AM. Here they will perform the ‘shastra puja (worship of arms), followed by brief addresses by the leaders,” Pappa said.
Another rally would start from Trikuta Nagar, wherein RSS workers, dressed in khaki half-pant and white shirts, will march on various routes and then perform ‘shastra puja’.
At Samadhian Road, senior leaders will address the activists and instruct them about the future strategies of the Sangh.
About 6000 people are expected to participate in the marches.
Pappa said the display of weapons is “for purpose of rituals only and this has been the practice for the past several decades”.