Protest outside Indian embassies on Oct 27: Shah to expatriates

Srinagar: Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah on Wednesday termed the October 27 as “black day” of Kashmir history and appealed the Kashmiris living across the world to register protest outside their respective Indian embassies against the “Indian oppression in Kashmir”.
“I appeal the justice loving people of the world and those of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir to raise their voices against the forcible occupation of India on27th October,” Shah said in a statement.
Indian army had landed in Kashmir on October 27, 1947.
Shah also urged the Kashmiris residing in different parts of the world to raise voice against the “forcible occupation of Kashmir by India” outside the Indian embassies and participate in ‘The Million Man March’ to be organised in New York on October 25.
Shah said 27th October is a “black day” in the history of Jammu and Kashmir as on that day “India annexed the state through its military might”. “India occupied a territory which never was its part but Kashmiris never acknowledged the Indian supremacy and sacrificed lakhs of lives while fighting the occupational rule,” he said.
Terming the “Indian-sponsored” elections in the state as “deception and fraud” Shah said every election since 1947 conducted in Jammu and Kashmir were sham. “Even Indian agencies and leaders acknowledged that the elections held under military might in J&K have no meaning at all.”
The DFP chairman said: “There is no such thing as democracy prevailing in the state where jails are filled with those raising voice against the oppression and tyranny and where 7 lakh forces have made life of people hell.”
He reiterated his appeal to world community to play role with regard to Kashmir as it did with East Timur and South Sudan. “The international community is answerable as to why Kashmiris are deprived of their right guaranteed to them by the UN Charter – the right of self-determination – when other nations were allowed to enjoy this right.”
Asserting that the establishment of peace in the South West Asia is linked to Kashmir issue, Shahs said due to “occupation of Kashmir by India”, the unending rivalry between India and Pakistan can give rise to war anytime.