KEA wants Jammu trade bodies to protest against Zahid’s killing

SRINAGAR: Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) on Wednesday urged trade bodies of Jammu to protest against the killing of Kashmiri trucker Zahid Rasool, who was set ablaze by goons in Udhampur last week.
“KEA expects Jammu trade and commerce participate in our peaceful protests and demand for exemplary punishment to the criminals identified and arrested,” the body said in a statement.
“The sooner it is done, the better it would be for peace in the state which is otherwise going to explode into a long and ugly confrontation with the rulers,” the statement said.
The trade body called upon the regional political parties PDP and NC to take an impartial stand on the issue.
“KEA expects PDP to take a courageous stand on these issues without care for the power. NC likewise should be honest in its acts of support to Muslims of the state without prejudice and lust for power. People of Kashmir are wise and experienced enough to see through all the actions coming from mainstream political parties on Zahid’s killing and similar acts happening against the Muslims in India,” the statement said.
The statement said the death of Zahid has “shaken the confidence” of Kashmiri Muslims in Indian administration and judiciary. “We view this death of a Kashmiri teen with horror as it demonstrates the ugly face of Hindu fundamentalism emboldened by the support of the BJP and its allies. It depicts the mindset of primitive barbarianism and reflects an encore of events of the Gujarat carnage of Muslims,” it said.
KEA said it is determined to fight the “cruelty” with courage and conviction without harming the innocent and peaceful people of any religion and of any ideology.
Meanwhile, the KEA has expressed its outrage over “the manner JKLF chief Muhammad Yasin Malik was arrested in Anantnag” and demanded apology from the government.
“The worst part is that the force is used on leaders who are loved and respected by the masses and are true representatives of the people. Mufti and his administration should apologize for this inhuman and cruel act and ensure that no such crime is repeated in future,” the statement added.