Dal Crises

NEW DELHI: The government of India on Wednesday said over 35,000 tonnes of pulses have been seized from 10 states in two days after the state governments intensified crackdown against hoarding and black marketing of the commodity.
“De-hoarding operations have been further intensified by the states to check hoarding of pulses. More than 35,000 tonnes of pulses have been seized in 10 states,” the Consumer Affairs Ministry said in a statement.
The state governments were exhorted to carryout surprise inspections and raids to prevent hoarding. As a result, a total of 35,288 tonnes of pulses have been seized during 2,704 raids carried out in 10 states, it said.
A maximum quantity of 23,340 tonnes was seized in Maharashtra, followed by 4,525.19 tonnes in Chhattisgarh, 2,546 tonnes in Telangana, 2,295 tonnes in Madhya Pradesh, 1,168 tonnes in Haryana, 859.8 tonnes in Andhra Pradesh, 479.6 tonnes in Karanataka, 68.47 tonnes in Rajasthan, 4.32 tonnes in Tamil Nadu and 2.44 tonnes in Himachal Pradesh, the statement added.
The Centre has also asked Haryana state cooperative Hafed has been asked to procure pulses from the market and sell thought its outlets in the state.
In Uttarkhand, mandi samitis have opened retail outlets in Dehradun, Haridwar and Udhamsingh Nagar for selling tur dal at Rs 145/kg.
The state government has also been directed to distribute pulses at decided rate via ration shops, it added.—PTI