Be friends with Pak if you want superpower status: Mufti to India

SRINAGAR: Chief Minister Mufti Mohammed Sayeed on Wednesday hinted that if India wants to ‘become a superpower’ it must ‘be friends’ with Pakistan. “We suffer the most due to tensions between India and Pakistan. There is a dire need of creating a peaceful atmosphere, and if peace is our aim, India has to become friends with Pakistan,” Sayeed said.
He was speaking at a police commemoration day event. Former CMs Farooq and Omar Abdullah, members of the legislative council, legislative assembly and senior police officers were also present.
The CM also said that J&K has always show India the way ‘for peace, tolerance and brotherhood’. “In 1947, when there were killings across South Asia, the state was an example of peace, tolerance and brotherhood. We have the same message even now. I am proud the J&K assembly unanimously passed a resolution to defeat communal forces. But many voices being raised in India are against its pluralistic nature. The latter must be sustained because it is in our interest, and there is no other option.”
Sayeed also said that guns, bullets or grenades were ‘not the solution’ for the state but a “battle of ideas” was.