Soz condemns RSS views on Dadri lynching

Srinagar: Former Union Minister and Congress leader Saifuddin Soz on Monday condemned RSS mouthpiece Panchjanya for stating that the “vedas mandate killing of those who slaughter cows”, saying such utterances were detrimental to the idea and unity of the country.
“This stand of RSS is directly repugnant to the provisions of the constitution of India which enshrines the statute declaring all citizens of India equal before the law with complete freedom to believe and propagate their religion, as a fundamental right.
“It is unfortunate that the RSS has adopted a posture promoting sectarian and parochial social attitudes, detrimental to the unity and integrity of India,” Soz told reporters here.
He said it was unfortunate that the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has been at the forefront of the sectarian movement promoting Hindutva philosophy rather aggressively.
“Throughout India, the Hindutva ideology is being followed aggressively and the atmosphere is such that a section of society has lost patience and they have become totally intolerant.
“Some say they are a fringe group. Prime Minister Narendra Modi regrets some acts, says he feels sad, but he cannot control this fringe. This fringe is free, they are not being arrested. There are Members of Parliament who are creating strife in the country,” he alleged.
Soz said India is a secular country and Bhagwat and RSS cadres “will soon know” that India will not follow them.
“The fringe cannot become a norm in India. The PM will have to learn a lesson…India will not tolerate it. India doesn’t mean RSS. Bhagwat will soon see that his utterances are detrimental to the idea, unity and integrity of India.
Soz, the former Pradesh Congress Committee president, said the international community would not ignore what RSS is doing in the country.
“There is a need and I think BJP will start a dialogue with RSS… What RSS is doing, it is not going to be ignored by the international community. We have seen quite a lot of time as a democracy. This cannot be destroyed by fringe elements,” he said.
He said the strike call in Kashmir Valley today, to protest the death of a trucker Zahid, was a message to the country that people would not accept intolerance.
“Those people (who attacked Zahid) should be punished.
There was a bandh here and that is a message to India that intolerance will not be accepted.