Shabir Shah accuses govt of ‘acting at a snail’s pace’

SRINAGAR: Democratic Freedom Party Chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah on Monday criticised the government “for acting at a snail’s pace” in the Udhampur attack case.
In a press statement issued here, he said the government, instead of acting against culprits, is “using military might to impose undue curbs on the peaceful protests”.
“The government only created hardships for common people by imposing restrictions. And they are doing all this just to protect their chair,” he said in a press statement issued here.
Shah lamented the “criminal silence” maintained by the world community over the developing situation in Kashmir.
He said it is “moral obligation” on the world community to play its role with regard to Kashmir issue, which “is taking an ugly turn with each passing day”.
Meanwhile, Shah paid tributes to the victims of Bijbehara, Fateh Kadal, and Allochi Bagh massacres on their 23rd anniversary.
“Prior to these tragedies, the Indian forces tried to violate the sanctity of Dargah Hazratbal and hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims. The people protestes, and the Indian forces, in retaliation, massacred more than 60 innocent people and injured hundreds,” he said.
About Bijbehara massacre, he said: “People carried out peaceful protests, but the forces, under a well-planned strategy, opened fire on them, killing 50 innocent people and injuring more than 100.”