BJP defends attack: ‘India is a democratic country where anyone can do anything’

Srinagar: While chief minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed condemned the ink attack on Engineer Rashid, his ally Bharatiya Janata Party defended it saying Rashid was a “victim of his own doing”.
“India is a democratic country where anyone can do anything. If Abdul Rashid can given a beef party, then he should also realise than anything can happen with him also,” BJP MLA Gagan Bhagat told ANI.
“The incident is not right. However, Abdul Rashid is a victim of his own doing,” he added.
Mufti, who has said that his aim is to bridge the gap between Kashmir and Jammu, said the “spate in unpleasant incidents” is “most disturbing”.
In a statement, Sayeed said, “In a vibrant democracy like India, we need to have courage to respect dissent and provide space to different points of view.”