Gund residents demand repair of Sumbal-Bala bridge

Sheikh anees
Ganderbal: Residents of Gund tehsil are up in arms against the administration for its alleged failure to repair the Sumbal-Bala bridge.
Villagers from Sumbal, Hilpati, Surfaw,and Syed Basti said that the administration has taken no measures to repair the dilapidated bridge despite repeated reminders.
The bridge, which runs over river Sindh in Sumbal, was built in 1965.
“Since the year of its construction, the government has never bothered either repair or renovate it,” said a local, Mohammed Ramzan.
The bridge connects many villages with the tehsil headquarter Gund.
“The dilapidated structure is a threat to the lives of people crossing it daily to reach to their respective destinations,” a student said.
The locals complained that they approached the concerned authorities several times. “Except promises, the government has done nothing,” Ramzan said.
“If any untoward incident happens, the government would be responsible for that,” he said.
Written test mandatory for new teachers: Govt
Sopore: The Education Minister Naeem Akhtar has said that a written test has been made mandatory for candidates who apply for the post of teachers in the government.
“We can’t afford to play with the lives of our children. This move will ensure that only quality human resources makes its way into the education department,” he, according to an official statement, said during his visit to Degree College Sopore.
Akhtar said “a big fraud” was played on the people of J&K through government-run schools where “square pegs are used to fill round holes”.
Recalling the bombardment of Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki cities by Allied Forces during World War II and how the country made education as its priority to rise as an economic superpower, Akhtar said the talented youth of Kashmir have proven their mettle in fields of Arts, Science and Sports.