Zahid’s words before death: ‘Mother is waiting for me at home. What are we doing here?’

Anantnag: What are we doing here, mother is waiting for me at home. These were the last words of Zahid, according to his neighbor Mohammad Iqbal Dar who is attending to his injured brother, Showkat Ahmad, at Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital.

“Zahid was directly admitted to the intensive care unit due to the severity of his injuries. After showing some signs of recovery he was shifted to the ward and till last evening his condition seemed to be stable. He had been drinking water and eating bananas too,” Iqbal told Kashmir Reader.

“And when began to slump he started talking to himself. ‘Mother is waiting for me at home. What are we doing here? I have to take the paddy home from the field’ are some of the words he kept repeating to himself before his last breath,” Iqbal said.

“He was saying a lot of other things but we could not understand all that,” he said.

Zahid is survived by parents, two brothers and a sister. His father is a laborer and the brothers are drivers.

Zahid, according to his relatives, left his studies in class 10 and started driving a minibus first and then became a trucker.

They said that Zahid had been so terrified by the attack that he would repeatedly narrate how the assailants first beat them up and then attacked them with petrol bombs.