RSETIs’ purpose to ensure dignified living to poor: JKB CEO

SRINAGAR: Chairman and CEO of J&K Bank, Mushtaq Ahmad, on Friday said the purpose of Rural Self Employment Training Institutes (RSETIs) is to ensure dignified living to poorer sections of the society.
“In the country, we still have 35 to 40 per cent of the population living below poverty line. Until we build their capacities and increase their purchasing power, we cannot realise the goals of our economic development.
“The purpose of these RSETIs is only to make these huge chunks of population financially aware, equip them with conceptual clarity, and hand-hold them till they earn a dignified living in their respective societies,” Mushtaq said while chairing the inaugural function of the ‘Two-day Conclave of RSETI Directors’ held at the bank’s Corporate Headquarters here.
An “in-house corporate film” on functioning and impact of JKB RSETIs was screened on the occasion, which was attended by Secretary J&K Rural Development Department Khursheed Ahmad, Deputy Secretary MoRD (GoI) Tapish Chandra Nautiyal, National Director RSETIs’ (Monitoring Cell) K N Janardhana, Project Director NIRD O N Bansal, Bank’s Senior President S K Bhat, and other officers of the bank.
Lauding the performance of JKB RSETIs, which have figured in the ‘Excellent’ list at national level, Mushtaq Ahmad said, “It is commendable on part of these institutes to get ‘A’ Grade, but it is the beneficiary only who can certify the performance and the rating of institutes.”
He proposed to sponsor the survey by a competent agency to ascertain the actual transformation in the lives of beneficiaries on ground.
“We need to have a comprehensive follow up of this whole RSETI programme through a survey, so as to know what qualitative changes these institutes have been able to make in the lives of beneficiaries,” he said.
Eight out of the bank’s 12 RSETIs have figured in ‘Excellent’ list; three are in ‘Very Good’ and one in ‘Good’ list.
“Those who perform well shall be rewarded adequately in their career progression also, while as the non-performers shall also have to pay. There has to be accountability at all the levels,” Mushtaq said.
He announced Rs 50,000 cash award for the RSETIs with more than 95 per cent achievement and Rs 25,000 for other good performers.
During the year 2014-15, 7,243 candidates have received training at the bank’s RSETIs in 204 training programmes so far, the bank said.
Of them, 4,262 have established their own small enterprises and have engaged in wage employment activities, it said.
During the first half of 2015-16, 2,328 candidates received trainings in different activities; out of them 1,266 got settled, it said.
Since inception, however, 10,735 candidates were able to establish their own small businesses out of 17,625 trained candidates, it said.
Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Secretary MoRD (GoI) Tapish Chandra, said, “Chairman Mushtaq Ahmad has blended his message so well that most of what I have to say has become irrelevant. I feel very impressed by the way he has articulated his ideas on the whole issue.”
The government of India has approved a policy for the people associated with the RSETIs, he said, adding the policy will be communicated to the concerned soon.
“Besides, on behalf of GoI, I assure you of complete support whenever needed,” he added, raising the issue of land availability for these institutes and requested the state government to provide the same at the earliest.
Secretary Khursheed Ahmad informed the conclave about the land issue, saying, “I would like to inform all of you here that the state government has already completed the identification process of state land for RSETIs in 13 districts of the state. It shall be allotted in a couple of months from now, after following the due procedure.”