Company Bahadurs, please restore our services

The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited should be renamed as The Bharat Sanchar Nikamma Limited or The Bharat Sanchar Nalayak Limited. The renaming, in any case, will not matter much to Kashmiris. It will be for the good of the company and the country it represents because Kashmiris are used to much worse things than the pathetic services of this so-called telecom giant of India.
More than a month ago, landline telephone and broadband services stopped working in Bemina area, and according to reports, in many other areas of Srinagar too. When the residents started calling linemen, or if they got lucky and talked to the company Bahadurs, they were told that the Bemina Exchange is being upgraded. The company Bahadurs didn’t bother to tell them when the revamping of the exchange will be completed.
The company Brown Sahibs or its local employees also did not deem it necessary to inform the residents through the mass media about disruption in services or about how long the repairs will take. The linemen, who materialise like Alladin’s genie on Eid eve for Eidyaan, stopped taking calls. So the subscribers, like patients suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder, would pick up receiver every now and then for the signal.
In parts of Bemina, the service was restored after 20 days, while a majority of areas still have no idea of when their phones will ring again.
And, according to the nature of the company, which seems to have inherited its ethics from the Gora Sahibs of the East India Company, the subscribers have been charged in full for the month of non-service.