PDP overtly campaigning for BJP candidates in Ladakh: Omar

Srinagar: Former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Wednesday alleged that ruling PDP leaders were “overtly campaigning” for BJP candidates in Ladakh ahead of the hill council polls, despite the “political suppression of the State” by the national party.
“Today PDP is campaigning more for BJP than its own candidates here. Almost all their Ministers are here and their only appeal to the people is to vote for anyone but NC. They are overtly campaigning for BJP candidates despite the political suppression of the State and the sentiments of its people by BJP,” Omar said addressing public meetings and workers’ conventions in Leh.
Omar, the working resident of the opposition National Conference (NC), said PDP leaders campaigning for BJP candidates in Ladakh ahead of the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC) elections was “yet another eye-opener that has yet again revealed the total and complete political assimilation of PDP into BJP”.
“Both the parties are afraid of the NC because we will never allow them to divide the State on religious lines. We know their designs and we will never let them succeed in dividing this State and polarizing its people for their petty political ambitions,” the NC working president said.
Omar said he had never done politics on religious lines and had always been forthcoming in ensuring Ladakh’s equitable development and growth at par with other regions of the State.
“I have always been with you and have always been very keen in developing this region and helping the people here and will continue to ensure the development of all regions of the State. Even when tragedy (cloudburst) struck in 2010, I was the first one to land here with my team and ensured the victims are rehabilitated and helped as and where they needed.
We laid an unprecedented, special emphasis to develop tourism infrastructure here since the laying of heavy industries and manufacturing businesses is not feasible in this region due to the topography and climatic conditions.
“Tourism is the main resource that Ladakh can greatly benefit from and we ensured during our tenure that the region exploits its tourism potential to the maximum,” he said.
He alleged the PDP-BJP Government had brought the development of Ladakh to a “standstill because of a clear lack of political will” to develop this region at par with the rest of the State.