Govt to establish Sufiyana school at Tagore hall: Mufti

Fazil Qayoom
SRINAGAR: Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed on Wednesday announced that a school of Sufiyana & folk music should be set up at the Tagore hall.
He said that the school, which would be run by the J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages (JKAACL), should be established on fast track basis.
“I was always criticising the cultural academy for many reasons but let me tell you frankly today that I’m very much impressed by the passion and enthusiasm of the people here,” Mufti said while inaugurating the Tagore Hall here which was damaged in the 2014 floods.
He said that the school will lead to a cultural revival in the state by offering certificate courses in various performing arts. “Please don’t keep this auditorium idle. Make it a vibrant centre of never-ending cultural activities,” he said.
“Today, when we are giving a new life to this hall, I must say let’s make this place and the academy a centre of our Kashmiri culture. I want a school of music and folk established here on fast track basis.”
Mufti said Kashmiris live more in “symbolism” and hesitate to hone their talent. “I myself have witnessed so much talent in Kashmiri people. They must utilise it. Jab Justuju Ho To Jazba Qayim Rehta Hain (When there is a desire, the passion remains alive and intact). It’s your responsibility to make this institution sustain,” he said.
He hailed the Minister for Finance, Labour and Culture Dr Haseeb Drabu for “playing a vital role in renovating, remodeling and restructuring” the Tagore Hall.
“Dr Haseeb was made finance minister but he is showing more interest in cultural activities,” Mufti said on a lighter note, adding, “Today, we’re here because of his unflinching endeavours in giving a new life to the hall and academy,” the chief minister added.
Addressing the gathering, Drabu said that it “wasn’t a building that was restored but revival of a cultural institution” he said while referring to the restoration of the Tagore hall.
He said the academy reflects the “liberal society of Kashmir”.
“It is just a beginning to revive the culture. The government’s job is to assist and provide and it is the responsibility of civil society, artists and litterateurs to carry forward the activities of this institution,” Drabu said.