NC, PDP pushing Kashmiris into slavery of Dogras: Dr Faktoo

SRINAGAR: The incarcerated chief of Muslim Deeni Mahaz, Dr Muhammad Qasim Faktoo, on Monday accused Peoples Democratic Party and the National Conference of pushing the state “into the slavery of Jammu Dogras”.
In a statement, Faktoo said that both these parties “won’t mind changing the Muslim majority status of Jammu and Kashmir for power.”
He said while NC brought the “curse of Indian occupation” on Kashmir, the PDP doubled “this slavery by making the Muslims of Kashmir slaves of Dogra Hindus of Jammu.”
“With the creation of PDP in 1999, it became clear that Indian rulers have enacted their plan of converting the Muslim majority of Kashmir into a political minority,” he alleged.
“Afterwards, the work – conversion of the 68 percent Muslim population of the state into a minority – will be taken up to realize the dream of pushing back Kashmir into a pre-1339 era i.e. converting the Muslim Kashmir into a Hindu Kashmir.”
The MDM chief said it’s high time for pro freedom leadership, intellectuals, Imams of Masajid and general public to think about “how to make NC, PDP and other pro-India parties irrelevant in Kashmir as these are the main culprits in strengthening Indian occupation here”.