Jammu industry breaks silence, blames ‘agencies’

Jammu industry breaks silence, blames ‘agencies’
  • JCCI president asks PDP-BJP coalition to take measures for preventing such attacks in future

Srinagar: Speaking for the first time over the murderous assault on five Kashmiri Muslim truckers in Udhampur, an influential organisation of Jammu industrialists blamed “Indian and state agencies” for such acts and asked PDP-BJP coalition government to give ‘exemplary punishment’ to the accused.
Jammu Chamber of Commerce and Industries president Rakesh Gupta told reporters at a press conference here that the “agencies” should refrain from such activities in future.
The press conference was also addressed by Gupta’s Valley counterpart, Mushtaq Wani, the president of Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI).
“There are various secretive security funds meant for disrupting peace in Kashmir. These agencies don’t want peace and they are always trying to divide the state. We won’t allow it to happen and will fight it tooth and nail,” said Gupta.
He asked the state government, which he said has “miserably failed to protect people”, to take immediate measures for preventing such attacks in future.
In response to a question, Gupta said the Jammu business community would also try “its best in its limited resources” to ensure that such “disruptive acts do not recur”.
The Jammu business leader said that he has learnt from the 2008 blockade that it has given nothing but destruction and “external elements” should not be allowed to repeat it.
Gupta desired that the state government must allow trade through different routes that connect Jammu and Kashmir to the rest of the world.
“My head lowers in shame when people have to go the government like beggars for help…we need to work for making the state economically independent. We want to have our own resources so that we sustain ourselves. It can only be possible when Kashmir, Ladakh and Jammu will stand together,” Gupta said.
When asked why it took him three days to speak over the attack, Gupta said he was monitoring the situation from Jammu and was in regular contact with the director general of police.
Both KCCI and JCCI later issued a joint statement condemning the Udhampur attacks, while pledging to fight all such elements in future together. They also stated that periodical meetings would be held to ensure smooth business between the two regions.