KEA ask Jammu counterparts to clear their stand on business relations

Srinagar: Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) on Monday warned Jammu business community to clear their stand whether they should do buisness with Kashmir or  should stand with the RSS.

Chairman KEA Showkat Choudhary said it’s the last warning to Jammu people and the RSS and they should be aware, “we have not worn bangles”.

“Dont force us, we can use other measures to safeguard our interests. If they want to separate us, this can  go to the UN also,”  chairman transport association G N Ronga said at a press conference.

They will have to face ramifications in entire India if they want to create any provlem in Kashmir,” Ronga said.

“It is unfortunate Jammu buisness community does’t take a stand. They should condemn it and why government is maintaining silence on it? Stern action should be taken against the culprits. Buisness community want to boycott with Jammu buisness community but we want they should condemn it,” Showkat said

“If they called for protests on beef ban, why didn’t they oppose and protest against the assault. Why cases are not registered against the culprits. Its not first time a truck has been burnt but many cases have reported earlier as well. The culprits are bring released on bail as happened earlier,” showkat said