Driver who survived immolation bid said assailants numbered at least 20

SRINAGAR: Contrary to the police claim that five people set two Kashmiri Muslim truckers on fire in Udhampur on Friday, the driver of the truck who had escaped told Kashmir Reader there were at least 20 assailants who “wanted us dead”.
Rameez Ahmad Bhat, the driver, told Kashmir Reader on phone, “As soon as we parked the truck, they hurled a petrol bomb inside it from the left window. I jumped out of the right window and hid myself at a nearby place.”
“Zahid and Showkat (who are being treated at a hospital in New Delhi for serious burn wounds) jumped out too but the goons watched them burning and crying for help. The goons were shouting and laughing. They left only when they thought that Zahid and Showkat are not going to survive,” he said.
Rameez came to the rescue of his colleagues only after the assailants left.
“With my shirt I tried to douse the fire. I also threw sand at them when shirt didn’t help. Police came to the spot about 30 to 40 minutes after the attack,” he said.