Preserve your energy, Er Rashid

By Muhammad Ulfat Anjan
Dear Engineer Sheikh Abdul Rashid, you must remember that you are a Kashmiri and Kashmiris have least powers to alter laws, especially in the Indian system. Keeping in view your selfless service to your people, I condemn the attack on you by BJP legislators in what is called the temple of democracy.
Almost all pro-India legislators condemned the attack on you. But it is a different thing to condemn and to act. I was surprised to see why the PDP was silently watching your thrashing.  As a party that claims to represent Kashmir they should have taken a lead in throttling this attack, but fearing a divorce from the BJP they looked away. It’s not the PDP but the BJP that is enjoying the comforts of power. They are brave enough to manhandle a man even in his own “backyard” for no crime on his part. Just a beef party to show for that in a democratic set up a person can eat anything permitted by his religion, you were thrashed by your fellow legislators! No law can meddle in the affairs of what people eat. Beef, a thing that is being tasted, chewed and digested by Muslims all over the world cannot be banned and that too in a Muslim majority state. You did nothing wrong by serving your workers ristas and kebaabs.
You are in an assembly where calls for justice fall on deaf ears. They don’t listen to anyone. In the assembly all are masters of babel. They don’t care for the people as power doesn’t come from them. There is no one to take up the serious issues related to general public. Screaming there is like screaming into deaf ears. The killings that go on in Kashmir, the protests and hunger strikes of the employees, the communal fever on account of the beef ban row etc., are the issues well known to all guardians and an MLA like you is hardly needed to publicise such issues. But I appreciate your efforts dear Rashid as it is not easy to turn the attention of the elephant towards the agony of ants. The elephant, blinded by his power, goes on trampling the helpless ants and their protests go unheard and unnoticed.
Therefore I request you, dear sir, not to indulge in such activities further as your dynamism and energy is precious enough to treasure in the deep recesses of the heart. If such powers get exhausted in the assembly it will be a big loss for voters.