Mufti’s JK Assembly remark a big lie: Er Rashid

SRINAGAR: Reacting against the chief minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed’s remarks that “J&K Assembly is the India’s most credible and powerful Assembly”, the Independent MLA Er Abdul Rashid Saturday termed it a “big lie and unbelievable joke”.
He accused the chief minister of “misleading people” and “keeping them in dark from the real threats”.
“How do you believe that J&K Assembly is the most powerful and credible in the country when it has a record of historic failures which have led to lot of destruction during past 50 years,” Er Rashid questioned the chief minister in the Assembly.
“Isn’t this the same assembly which used to have its own Prime Minister and President and whose autonomy resolution was thrown to dustbin by the New Delhi,” Rashid questioned.
Er Rashid said: “It is the same Assembly which couldn’t even take queue from the Tamil Nadu Assembly to pass resolution seeking clemency for Afzal Guru, or seeking his mortal remains back. Isn’t this the same Assembly which couldn’t even dare to table the bill to abolish the Section 298 of RPC, a draconian law that curbs the fundamental and religious rights of the majority of the people of the state?”
MLA Langate also criticised the passing of resolution by the House that calls for people to maintain communal harmony. “The sermons on communal harmony need to be taught to radical Hindu forces in Jammu who have made life of Muslims miserable from Rajuri to Udhampur. Why doesn’t government book under PSA those who carried murderous assault on Kashmiris in Udhampur?”
The independent MLA also had heated argument with minister for horticulture over the issue and accused all MLAs including those in opposition of “giving silent consent to sabotage anti-ban beef bill”.
He alleged that NC and others showed no response after the bill was “murdered” by the government in the House and reminded the NC working president Omar Abdullah that nobody is against his resolution asking people to maintain communal harmony but how is it possible when assembly doesn’t even allow to discuss the anti ban beef bill and instead Muslims get attacked in Jammu province.
“Let there be no doubt that conscience of everyone in the Assembly is dead and stands buried in well of the House. The Assembly has lost faith of masses,” Er Rashid while pointing to other MLAs and CM added.
He later boycotted the proceedings for the day.