It is an attack on Kashmir economy: Kashmir Inc

  • ‘Govt must deal with such elements with an iron hand, or we will resort to other means’

SRINGAR: Kashmir Traders Manufactures Federation (KTMF), a representative body of the business community, on Saturday condemned the Udhampur incident, where a mob tried to burn Kashmiri truckers alive, and termed it as a step towards crushing the economy of the Valley.
Talking to reporters, President KTMF Mohammad Yaseen Khan said people involved in the animal hide business have already suffered due to the prevailing threat. No driver is ready to take hides out of the state because they say they might be attacked, thus hides which have piled up since Eid have been rotting in stores, he said.
“Every month, three to four lakh hides are sold from Kashmir. On Eid-ul –Adha this figure rises three-fold. But since the beef ban issue, hides are rotting in Kashmir. A hide which used sell for Rs  400 has no takers even at Rs 70,” Yaseen said.
“The Kashmiri economy is at risk. People are being targeted. We ask the state government to curb such incidents with an iron hand. If the government fails, we will be forced to resort to other means and the government aware of that,” Yaseen said.
The incident at Udhampur has proved these elements are anti-Muslim, Khan added. He also urged the business community of the Valley to be ready for an agitation if such incidents continue.