For Your Kitchens Only

The high frequency of historic opportunities on or in Kashmir slipping through the fingers of fate obviously applies only to the restricted domain of good sense and would be empirically invalid in the wide range of asinine, bovine and equine strategies currently in various stages of development and testing for the Valley’s ultimate destiny as a South Asian model of progress and prosperity. The catalogue necessarily has to include brave and candid diplomatic disavowals of both hawkish and dovish antecedents, but would be extremely wary of listing alarum-sounding think-tank fired reports of the umpteen number of times the subcontinent had come close to resembling Hiroshima and Nagasaki on a magnified scale. One of the most recent historic opportunities the state has seized was to fail to halt a regressive, repugnant and retrograde bandwagon in its tracks paradoxically for an inter-region process of healing and bonding incongruous with the genetic make-up of the principals.

Feeble and ineffectual tweaks and tweets from detractors notwithstanding, the gulfs promised to be bridged, and the distances vowed to be erased have become wider, longer and vastly more dangerous due to compulsive and compulsory pursuits central to justifying a historic national mandate afforded a single political party in several decades. That Jammu and Kashmir will receive its fair recompense for services rendered in this great enterprise should never be held in doubt, more-so after a sneak preview of the evolutionary leap designed for its legislative history and functioning. Even as curtain-raiser, the graduation from party politics to beef party politics, with the usual ingredients of violence, intimidation and threats, put together as a foretaste of the main course, makes for riveting viewership, and that is without considering the elements of suspense it holds in generous measure.

The mystery that may or may not be unravelled as the plot (or gravy) thickens revolves mainly around whether the aggressive tendencies of the BJP MLAs had anything to do with state-of-the-art, or cutting-edge, transponders Silicon Valley has invented secretly ghost-wiring some independent law-maker’s beef-induced violence into the tame, timorous and peace-loving  sinews of sangh parivar vegetarians. One of the several governance challenges the disturbing possibility is likely to throw up would be setting up Special Investigating Teams (SITs) in every halqa, panchayat and municipality to go sniffing and snooping around kitchens for the tell-tale aroma of bada gosht. Recruiting could begin in right earnest, and after the deadly fiasco in Dadri, the posts exclusively reserved for certain communities only.