Since 2010, Rs 279 cr spent on maintenance of ecology

Srinagar: The government on Friday said that 26,242 hectares of land has been covered under the CAMPA (Compensatory Aforestation Management and Planning Authority) scheme since 2010 and 193.24 lac trees have been planted in the same time.
Minister for forest environment and ecology, Bali Bhagat Singh said that a total of Rs 27917.06 lakh(Rs 279 crore) has been provided to forest department and its sister organization since 2010 for maintenance of the ecology in state.
Referring to the recruiting and regularization of daily wagers under CAMPA, the minister said that the practice is banned since 1994. “Engaging and regularizing daily wagers has been completely banned under order no. 26-F of 1994 and the CAMPA scheme was created in 2009. As such creation of new posts is not allowed,” Bali Bhagat Singh said.